Our Mission

  • To network for mutual support & vision casting to develop strategies appropriate for West African church planting efforts in an Islamic context.
  • To seek collectively as nationals the resources required to accomplish our common goals.
  • To equip denominations and churches to fulfill the great commission by providing them with church planting skills, leadership training, theological education, and emphasis on building mature Christian character.
  • To enable churches and denominations to be solidly grounded in pursuing the task of evangelism and church-planting, the ultimate result of which will be vibrant, vital, healthy churches reaching out to other non-evangelized communities in West Africa. 

Our Vision

  • To establish indigenous and healthy growing Evangelical churches and denominations that will make a significant gospel impact within the cultures, people groups, communities and multiple generations in Muslim West Africa.
  • Building Relationships: To connect churches in Muslim dominated West Africa with churches in the United States for the purpose of building strategic partnerships, training pastors and producing leaders.
  • To grow our churches through effective evangelism and gospel-centered discipleship that produces both conversion and subsequent transformation of the whole person, whole families, and whole cultures.