New Harvest Missions International believes that through God’s grace and efforts of NHMI church planters in Togo, new church planting stations and congregations will be springing up across the northern region of Togo, which is our strategic targeted region. Most of these church planting stations or congregations are either in the areas that are left out by the national government and evangelical missions groups. Most of our ministry members are people who have left the Muslim faith to follow the Lord Jesus; therefore, they often suffer severe persecution at the hands of their communities and families.

A Place of Worship. A physical presence of a church building, or chapel, has become a great and pressing need as the Lord is drawing many people to Himself, and the body of Christ has grown exponentially in these targeted areas. Unfortunately, the majority of these new church plants, and existing congregations, have no buildings to convene in; as a result, followers of Christ’s Gospel are forced to meet outside, under a tree or makeshift shelter, where they remain vulnerable as Christians worshipping in an Islamic context. For this very reason, a simple and unassuming church building, or chapel, is a vital need as it would serve the congregation in a powerful way by providing valuable shelter and security for meetings, worship services, Sunday schools and various outreach activities.

You Can Help. We are praying for supporters who will help us build three chapels in strategic towns and areas where the physical presence of a church can help expand and grow our ministry activities in the region. The local church will provide the lands but we need help with the cost of the construction of the chapels.