Changing lives, strengthening families and empowering communities in Muslim West Africa.

NHMI has worked to come up with different ways to help the churches to become self-sustaining. One way is to practice a holistic approach by using Micro-Finances as a vehicle to assist members through self-employment opportunities. Poverty is also hindering the work of the planted churches and the proclamation of the gospel as these places of worship often suffer from extreme financial deficiencies. The monetary contribution from Sunday worship services is minimal to sometimes nothing at all. With such widespread abject poverty, tithes are insufficient to cover the cash needed to pay daily expenses. Faced with a depressed economy, pastors, church planters, and evangelists struggle to provide for their families while continuing to minister. Spiritual growth and evangelistic outreach become stymied by the pressing needs of mere survival.

Profitable Kingdom Small Businesses

This project is designed to help local churches to become self-sustaining ministries, as more church members with profitable businesses are able to succeed and gain relational leverage in their communities, as well as, support their churches by giving offerings and tithes. With this small kingdom business, there are huge benefits and several results: God is honored, fellow workers are being discipled, profits are used to promote the kingdom, employees and customers are treated differently, and God’s love and goodness is reflected in the local businesses as they do business according to God’s principles.

Agricultural and Rural Empowerment

This project aims at transforming the agricultural marketplace through a range of communications strategies, and provision of support services to the unskilled and the experienced farmers. This ministry contributes to the increase of food security and helps strengthen agricultural productivity through the promotion of innovative practices, which are sustainable and competitive. This venture helps to slow down the rural exodus, while at the same time, provides the rural population with a platform for communicating the transforming message of Christ.