NHMI’s child sponsorship program, believes that sponsorship not only transforms the life of a child but also their immediate families and you are also investing in the future of their communities. Help for today transforming lives, families and communities tomorrow.

One of the most neglected ministries in Togo, West Africa is the vulnerable and underprivileged child. In response to this overwhelming need, NHMI-Togo is taking an innovative and assertive approach to reach these often forgotten groups.

You Can Help. By simply saving and contributing $1 a day, $30 a month, or $360 a year you can provide underprivileged and vulnerable children with the gift of education. Your generous offering will provide each child with the opportunity to attend school, provide the necessary educational and scholastic materials, as well as make available health care, food, discipleship and many other services that enable them to develop skills and excel in life.

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