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What is Bridge of Hope?
Bridge of Hope is a Christ-centered ministry operating under the auspices of New Harvest Missions International. It is a children sponsorship program dedicated to ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of vulnerable children living under extreme poverty.

Why Sponsor a child in Togo West Africa?
At Bridge of Hope, we believe that access to education is the key to empowering children as they break out of the cycle of poverty. For that reason, educational sponsorship is at the heart of our ministry.

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Our Vision

  • Bridge of Hope exists to bring forth life transformation to the vulnerable and impoverished children through meeting their basic needs.
  • To give hope found in Christ to under privileged children and those living in poverty in Togo.

Our values

  • God alone transforms lives. As we are called to serve the children and their families in need, we submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, depend on the power of the Holy Spirit, accept the authority of the scriptures, and make prayer central to all our activities.
  • We believe children should have the opportunity to mature and develop to their full potential. We strive to completely care for the whole child by providing high quality programs that meet their spiritual, educational, and physical needs.

What is sponsorship

  • Sponsoring a child through Bridge of Hope, means that you are joining God’s mission by offering a gift to every vulnerable child in need of an opportunity to succeed in their home, culture, and to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Sponsorship also means that children in Togo can attend school consistently and are equipped with the materials and support they need to succeed.
  • Sponsoring a child provides empowerment to this generation and the next as the cycle of poverty is broken in Togo.

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Issues or Challenges in Togo West Africa
In Togo, over 60% of the people live below poverty level especially in the northern rural areas. With half the population being under the age of twenty, it is estimated that two thirds of the children who are fortunate enough to be enrolled in school do not complete their full primary education. Furthermore, those children who do make it to middle or high school dropout due to lack of parental financial resources to purchase scholastic materials and pay school fees. Many other issues become a hindrance to completing an education such as: lack of access to health and dental care, issues of malnutrition, and chronic unemployment.

We have a two-fold solution to focus on:

Our two-fold solution is to help children reach high school and to bring them into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

In order to reach the goals of this two-fold solution, Bridge of Hope has identified four priority areas:

  1. Educational Sponsorship: This advocacy helps families with school fees and tuition which in turn helps them save resources for other expenses.
    • The Educational Sponsorship program provides a school uniform and scholastic materials to sponsored child.
    • Most importantly, the Educational Sponsorship helps children escape the cycle of poverty. Otherwise, many children would have no other opportunities for education.
  1. Medical care: This important priority helps administer basic health care through medical clinics or a private healthcare provider in the areas where we are serving. In many instances, this service is the only medical care available for the children.
  2. Seed capital for small business: This solution has proven very successful to improve the self-confidence, dignity, and overall living conditions of the child and their family by creating opportunities to develop and run a small business in order to become self-sufficient.
  3. Church planting: We believe that our eternal hope is in Christ. Therefore, we are very active in equipping and training our church planters and pastors. Many of our core programs are executed through local church leaders.


How child sponsorship works with Bridge of Hope?

Getting started

  1. Choose a student you would like to sponsor, for $35 per month or $420 annually. Please be assured, your contribution directly benefits the specific student you are sponsoring to help meet their basic needs.
  2. Sign up through our simple online process.

Is sponsorship a monthly giving commitment?
You have two options for giving to the BOH program. You can either contribute monthly or annually to help provide life-changing benefits for a child in need, and you can sponsor as many children as you want and for as long as you want. 

What you will receive from your sponsored child:

  1. Annual photograph from your sponsored child.
  2. Correspondence from your child twice a year.
  3. Reply letter for any correspondence you send to your sponsored child.
  4. Quarterly email updates from the field office coordinator.

Connect with your sponsored child:
As a Bridge of Hope child sponsor, you have the joy and privilege of sharing your love and Christ’s love with your child. As your relationship continues to grow, so do your opportunities to encourage and promote your child’s emotional and spiritual well-being. This can be done through regular mail and email correspondence with your child, where you can stimulate learning, build confidence and self-esteem, and emphasize the importance of growing a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

You can write your Child:
Download sponsorship stationery and send a card or letter for your child to:

New Harvest Missions International
P.O Box 458
Elfers, Florida 34680

Download Sponsorship Stationery

You can Email your child today!

Important things to note:

  • Your sponsored child will write to you at least two times a year, however he or she will be unable to reply directly to your e-mail communications.
  • Please do not send or forward any e-cards, photos, or attachments of any kind.
  • Photos are certainly welcome if sent by regular mail.
  • To protect your privacy and your child’s privacy, your letters will be routed to NHMI U.S.A office where they will be properly translated if needed.
  • You are encouraged to send letters or emails as often as you like. However, please keep your correspondence brief, keeping in mind the allotted time the translation process requires.
  • To ensure timely delivery of your correspondence, it is necessary for you to include your child’s name and ID number in each letter or email.

Thank you!

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