West African National Leadership.

All our staff, workers, and leaders are West African nationals with burning passion to take the gospel of grace to their own communities and peoples. NHMI believes that the role of the Western missionaries and the Western church has shifted from leading West African pastors to serving alongside them. The shape of missions in Muslim dominated West Africa has changed dramatically over the past few decades with the establishment of strong national leaders who have a vision for planting churches and reaching their own people for Christ. We seek to see West Africa church leaders take responsibility for their own gospel challenges as they pray and labor to establish viable and sustainable churches in their own communities. As the face of missions has changed, God has allowed NHMI to recapture his more effective approach to reaching the nations. Currently 55 churches have been established in Togo, Niger, and Burkina Faso. NHMI is currently supporting 45 national church planters and pastors.