New Harvest Missions International responds to the need for pure drinking water. Hazardous and contaminated water is the principal cause of death of the population, especially affecting children under five years of age. Premature birth, neonatal infections, malnutrition, as well as anemia, malaria, acute respiratory infections and intestinal parasites are all too common childhood illnesses. These unhealthy conditions pose a serious threat to the basic structure of families in both Nyamassila and Annie. It is difficult to fathom the reality of families having to survive on the contaminated water, but many peope in both communities have no feasible alternatives. 

Well that gives life for the mission’s field in Togo, New Harvest Missions International has four church planting stations in the area. We are initiating the project “Well for Life” to improve the condition of the people in the communities as well as opening doors for outreach in these places. Traditional well drilling is labor-intensive and time consuming in places where water is available. The depth of the water table usually precludes extensive drilling at the community level, giving the inadequate financial resources; even in places where the water table is relatively high, loose soil requires permanent wells. It is a regular practice for women to walk more than five miles to fetch 2-3 gallons of water for the family’s daily needs.

You Can Help. NHMI is appealing for a borehole for these communities in Nyamassila and Annie, because if a deep-water well borehole is drilled, it is a cost effective solution to the problem. According to an earlier study about the villages, the area has a rich underground water source; the team estimated that a borehole can produce over 2,000 liters of water per hour, which can serve approximately 2000 households for the entire day. The “Well for Life” project also serves as an Evangelistic outreach for our church planters within the community by providing an open door to be welcomed by the residents, by the government, and by the local authorities that are also Muslims.