Build a School, transform a community, and provide hope for the future.

New Harvest Missions International - Togo serves in Muslim regions often left out by the national government or evangelical missions groups. People of these communities, especially church members, come from an Islamic background. They often suffer severe persecution at the hands of their own families and communities. Because of religious discrimination, they often face chronic unemployment and are unable to get their children educated. Anie, a predominantly Muslim town located in the northern region of Togo, has a population of approximately 18,000 and only has two overcrowded public Elementary and middle schools. No other local public educational options are available. Many children struggle to even enroll in school because of poverty; those who may have enrolled face risks of not completing their elementary education.

Christian School Building. Many children in the age group of 3-11 live in the areas where NHMI is involved and have no education. Quality education comes with a heavy cost and most of the under privileged children do not have any possibility to get the paid education and so they remain illiterate and the cycle of poverty continues.

You Can Help. The local officials in Togo have difficulty providing for the educational needs of the communities. It is with these stark realities that we desperately need our own Christian school to provide Togo children with a supportive learning environment. We believe this proposal for an Elementary school in the town of Anie would help more than 200 children each year and it would be the first of its kind in the town of Anie and the surrounding areas.

Please consider sponsoring the cost of a piece of construction of a school in West Africa and help a child get an education.